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Virus Design

Posted 25 Mar 2002 by Fare
What would it take to develop a really nasty virus that could take over the world of Free Software based systems? I tried to answer that question in the following article: Design Ideas for a Future Computer Virus. In short -- a lot. We're not going to have the same problems as proprietary systems anytime soon.

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"Translation Memory" - Global, Free Repository?

Posted 25 Mar 2002 by davidw
Upon reading an article in The Economist regarding machine translation, I began to see that there might be some potential for open collaboration in the field of what is known as "Translation Memory", or, in other words, the use of already translated phrases to translate new, and slightly different phrases.

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Free Software : tools for Freedom and democracy

Posted 23 Mar 2002 by adulau
After the recent use of DMCA by the Church of Scientology to remove some critics about them from the google cache. Free Software can be easily used to protect Freedom of speech, democracy and fundamental rights. There is a large overview of software that can do indexing, crawling, mirroring of documents available on HTTP server, NNTP server and so on ...

Any volunteer for building a distributed caching system for protecting Freedom ?

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What's up with

Posted 21 Mar 2002 by jonallen
Ok, so the 'new' has been up for sometime now. But what's up with it? I can't seem to comprehend the new interface and site response times are sloooow to unresponsive. Will t.o development continue? Or it it time for a new replacement?

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Everyone needs a helping hand

Posted 20 Mar 2002 by jono
As part of my work, I write for Linux Format magazine. I like the magazine and read it monthly, but did you know it can help in flagging Open Source projects?

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What would you do about Microsoft?

Posted 18 Mar 2002 by rlk
The entire Microsoft is focusing on the wrong issue. Internet Explorer is more or less completely irrelevant; the real issue is business practices

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Interview with Bill Cheng, Author of Tgif

Posted 18 Mar 2002 by sej
William Cheng (Bill) is the creator of Tgif, a mature vector graphic editor for X Windows licensed under the QPL (

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Advogato RFE: Advogato as a social platform

Posted 18 Mar 2002 by DV

It's a quick request: so far advogato is used a lot to expose what each of us is doing, but doesn't really allow easilly exchange of ideas in the form of a discussion except for articles but which happen only as a global forum.

I would like to suggest a couple of extensions which would improve the social role of Advogato as an asynchronous archived media exchange.

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New Configuration Management System

Posted 15 Mar 2002 by lilo
Apparently Compaq/Digital have been working on something called Vesta, a configuration management system, for about 10 years. It's been ported to Linux and LGPL'd. It's quite a bit different from CVS/etc.

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Posted 7 Mar 2002 by Alleluia
Each time we visit Google, it is with held breath. We have seen the bold 1990s freedom of the Internet dwindle into a thousand fragmented pieces where only the strong survive. Advertisements are everywhere, intruding into our mindscape. The ten thousands of images a year we see, advertising everything from Goodyear-on-a-blimp to online gambling protruding out of your Yahoo mail, are all designed upon the principle of mindless repetition.

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