My ME Super jammed today. I’ve had it twelve years, and I’ve come to realise it’s my favourite. For all my playing around with different cameras the one I really want to use is the one I’ve had all along.

This isn’t entirely a bad thing. It sorely needed a service—to the point I was feeling like using it was mistreating it—but the guy in the shop said not to mess unless it was actually broken. Well, now it is.

Oddly enough I’m not actually without an ME Super now: just last week I bought a second body. For me, some days are colour days, and some days are black and white days, and it was frustrating having the “wrong” film in the camera I wanted to use. I had five halcyon days of being able to chop and change between the new one arriving and the old one packing up. This was so awesome that I’ve now bought a third body to tide me over the three or four weeks the first will be away.