In 2010 I used 51 or so rolls of 35mm film, and 27 rolls of 120. That’s 2,300 photos, more or less. I can’t decide if that’s a lot or not.

I spent a lot of the year messing around with different cameras and different films. It was informative, but disruptive too: shooting redscaled 35mm fisheye one day, 6x6 slide in a toy the next, and black and white in a Hasselblad the next isn’t a recipe for anything consistent. It got me out taking photos when maybe I wouldn’t have—I was testing this, or testing that—but just as I was getting into something I’d set it aside and start with something else.

Over the past couple of months I’ve eased off that a bit, and I’ve made better stuff and enjoyed it a lot more. I’m not quite ready for one camera, one lens, one film just yet but there’ll be a lot less from now on.