Another from the roll of excessive contrast. I’d only glanced at these before yesterday—I was pissed they weren’t processed right—but I’m terrible for wanting to post pictures that feel like the world around me on the day, and yesterday was the first really sunny day for a while (and the first black and white sunny day for even longer!) so I was rooting for something appropriate.

I hadn’t noticed before, but I took a lot of pictures during summer and autumn with something blocking the centre of the frame. It’s not so obvious from just one image, but after looking at a few I had an amazing sense of obstruction. A lot of them also have a feeling of things slicing across in front of you. They’re still pictures, in that nothing’s moving in them, but there’s all this side-to-side going on.

I sound like the instructions for some Tarot cards, but what the hell goes on in my subconscious?